It’s ok to have fun volunteering

Siskot ja Simot (freely translated Sisters and Simons) bring joy to the lives of elderly and volunteers by organizing pop up events.

”For once I got to be like everyone else: a person among others”

Encountering, seeing, recognizing. Powerful tools, that can make a person visible and empowered. Our goal at Siskot ja Simot is to enable every elderly person to experience this.

The goal of our community is to build a movement of caring, where people encounter each other across generations. Our activities are based on pop up events, so called “Deeds of Caring”. These deeds can be anything from visiting a park to discos and sing-alongs.

Anyone can be Sisko/Sally or Simo/Simon, without any expertise. People of all ages are welcome as pop up volunteers to our events.

Even for people with a busy schedule or commitment issues

You don’t need to sign a membership form or commit for life. You can come for one deed at a time. We understand that the busy years, changing situations and willingness to do something for several causes make donating your time challenging. That is why we want to make volunteering as easy and flexible as possible. You will never be alone volunteering since we are all about doing things together. The more the merrier is our motto!

Our community organizes straight forward, low treshold pop up volunteering already in 23 places in Finland. Every local group can plan and organize their events how and when they wish and the employees will help with everything with guidance and practical things.

Values and mission

Our goal is to support and enhance social wellbeing and solidarity in local communities. In our vision Finland is a society of caring and solidarity in which citizens take responsibility over their own and their neighbor’s wellbeing.

With our activities we aim at answering to the hopes and needs of those we encounter. The core values guiding our work are community, responsibility, courage and joy. We are religiously and politically unaffiliated community, offering a platform for creative caring pop up volunteering.